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My Clump
Lyrics by: Andi Seibold
Sung to the tune of: My Hump by Black Eyed Peas
Performed by: Andi Seibold and Spencer “DJ Bizzie” Petersen

Featured Song Sample:
Listen to My Clump performed by Andi Seibold and Spencer DJ Bizzie Petersen - mp3 - opens new window

Whatcha gonna do with all that wax, all that wax up in that trap
I’m a gonna get get get that wax, get that wax up out my trap.

My clump my clump, My clump my clump my clump
My clump my clump my clump my gunky waxy chunks

Check it out

I drive my doctor crazy, the Au.D., he hates me
He looks down at my TM but can’t get past cerumen
Hearing aid gets feedback and what the heck’s a wax trap?
He tells me I need cleanin’, I ask him what he’s meanin’
My ear canal’s occluded; it needs to be remov-ed
Q-tips keep impactin that goop down in my trap and
I just can’t keep from pushin that wax down and it’s smooshin’
I hate that irrigation, so what’s the next rotation
for my clump (clump), My clump my clump My clump (clump)
I hate that waxy gunk (gunk)
My chunk my chunk my chunk (chunk), my chunk has got you

She’s got me cleanin’
How much really can there be, my ear canal is tiny
She’s got me cleanin’
I am so impatient I’m an, impatient patient

What you gonna do with all this wax, all this wax inside your trap
I’m a gonna make you get that wax, all that wax up out my trap

Whatcha gonna do when all that wax all that wax pulls off your trap?
I’m a gonna hit the roof and scream, I will scream I will scream
Cuz of my clump, my clump my clump my clump
My clump my clump my clump I hate that waxy gunk

Check it out
(male rap)
I met a man down at the VA he said hey, hey hey yea please stay
I will be your patient, and my name is Sonny
‘Member time is money
Got this naggin deep down in my ear
Way deep down there in my ear
Get it out from in my ear, can you do it riiiiiiiiiiight?

I’ll sit here very kindly
and try not to be whiney
I see him searchin in his drawer
Otoscopes, and tips, and more
Tools to clean my clump clump
Curettes for my chunk chunk
(pause)He can look but he can’t touch it
If it hurts me I’m a (pause) start some drama
Real Queen of the Drama
No, no drama, you don’t want my drama

Please don’t make this take all day
Faster is the better way
Quick just like a band-aid
(pause) Remove my clump

My clump, my clump my clump my clump
My chunk my chunk my chunk, My chunk my chunk my chunk
My yucky waxy gunk (gunk)
My yucky waxy chunk (chunk)
My yucky waxy gunk (gunk)
In the back and in the front (chunk)
My wax has got you

She’s got me diggin’
Oh, lookin’ at me with a headlamp, spelunkin’ for that wax lump
She’s got me diggin’
He has got a currete ready, I hope his hands are steady

Whatcha gonna do to keep that wax, keep that wax up out your trap?
I’m a gonna come to you each year, for my ear for you to clear
What I’m gonna do my clumpy dear is recommend an open ear
You know that my ear is nice and clear nice and clear I can hear!

My clump, my clump, my clump my clump my clump
my clump, my clump my clump that yucky waxy gunk

Hey it’s out!

Song History / Background:
From the lyricist: "There are some things in audiology that are just dang interesting to think about- like earmolds, wax traps, and the ever-popular cerumen and cerumen removal. While pondering these topics, it occurred to me that I need to create a song about earwax. Just then a familiar song popped into my head, which placed emphasis on the word “lump” ... then I thought about wax lumps in your ear, and behold, the birth of My Clump. A song all about the woes of cerumen removal and the joys of finally getting it out."

Andi Seibold is an Au.D. student at the University of North Texas.

unReal ID: 110 // Date Created: 2006-06-27 // Last Updated: 2006-12-13

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