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notable acknowledgements

You may have heard the phrase, "Old so and so would turn over in their grave if they only knew ...."
With that in mind, here are few notable acknowledgements we have received here at earTunes!
If you have "overheard" any other similar comments, please send them to the earGuys. Thanks!

"I gave earTunes a standing wave ovation!" - G.V. Bekesy

"earTunes is genius, simply genius!" - A. Einstein

"I put my ear to my computer and fell in love with earTunes!" - L. Beethoven

"I would give my left ear for earTunes!" - V.V. Gogh

"dith webthite waz tho gweat, I thpat ear juithe!" - M. Tyson

"I would have given my left ear for earTunes! (my right ear went to M. Tyson)" - E. Holyfield

"I GAVE my left ear, providing materal for earTunes!" - T. Nugent

"I was so inspired by earTunes that I think I will finish my Requiem!" - W.A. Mozart

"I first saw earTunes and it was like a light bulb went off in my head!" - T. Edison

"When I first visited earTunes I thought to myself, I need to call someone and tell them about this site!" - A. G. Bell

"earTunes really rings a bell for me!" - I. Pavlov

"earTunes is clearly a notch above the rest!" - R. Carhart

"This website makes my head spin!" - P. Meniere

"Stick a tuning fork in this website, it is done!" - J. Shore

"Either behind or in front of my ear, earTunes sounds amazing!" - F. H. A. Rinne

"No matter what side you listen on, earTunes sounds great!" - E. H. Weber

"It may take you a while to hear the music, but the wait is worth it!" - D. Schwabach

"Pull your fingers out of your ears, earTunes is superb!" - R. Bing

"This site was shocking! Simply shocking! That is all I can say..... " - L. Galvani

"Really, I find earTunes to be quite average. Seems like mostly random stuff to me." - K. Gauss

"I think earTunes needs to be smaller." - H. Knowles

"earTunes .......... I'm .............. speechless." - P. Broca

"Freelovin the amazing earTunes and funny jokesnubbin!" - C. Wernicke

"Reading earTunes really helps me stabilize my Alpha waves." - H. Davis

"earTunes for audiology is what venting is for earmolds." - S.F. Lybarger

"The odds of a person disliking earTunes is inversely related to frivolity of the site!" - R. Boyle

"I think that earTunes is better than a brand new audiometer!" - H. Fletcher

"I am so Grateful that the music information on earTunes is available. It rocks!" - J. Garcia

"I first heard earTunes on Oct 22nd--it made me sit up and listen!" - G. T. Fechner

"Your earTunes site simply blows me away!" - A.M. Valsalva

"I really like the way you've laid this out--I'll plug it whenever I can!" - B. Eustacio

"You earGuys certainly know the best prescription!" - K. Berger

"earTunes was a little hard to swallow, but I pinched my nose and did it anyway!" - J. Toynbee

"earTunes really resonates with me!" - H. L. F. von Helmholtz

"I was so excited about earTunes that I started screaming at the top of my lungs and this made me dizzy!" - P. Tullio

"Wow! With a little pressure, earTunes made my eyes beat to the music!" - C. Hennebert

"GUH, GUH, GUH, excuse me! earTunes viewed with or without goggles looks great!" - H.W.G. Frenzel

"I"m wide-eyed whenever I gaze at the inFamous Audiologists." - A.J. Fresnel

"The music on earTunes is so wonderful, it makes me wish I had legs to dance with!" - K. Manikin

"I've heard earTunes is fantastic, but I can't say which ear I heard it in." - P. Stenger

"Read my lips - Everyone needs earTunes!" - J. Utley

"Let's raise our voices for earTunes!" - E. Lombard

"While I did want to play along with my saxophone, I did not have sexual relations with that website, earTunes.com." - B. Clinton

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