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audiologists ... unplugged ... from audiometers!
audiologists ... unplugged ... from audiometers!
Audiologists are a curious bunch. As the earGuys traveled around the U.S. the past few years, searching for good earTunes and earPeople, they ran into many audiologists who also were quite accomplished musicians. In some cases, their work already had been recorded, and they proudly reported annual sales of 5, 10, maybe even 100 CDs/year (depending on number of relatives). In most cases, however, their musical achievements had not been documented, and their musical messages had been left floating around high school gymnasiums, musty garages and dingy bars.

We're changing all that here at earTunes! For the first time ever, read about and listen to some of your favorite inFamous musical audiologists. Click to enter this special earTunes section.

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