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Gus Mueller (left) and Fred Bess My Ol' Parent's an Audiologist
Lyrics by: Fred Bess
Sung to the tune of: My Ol' Man's a Sailor (commonly performed by the Smothers Brothers)
Performed by: H. Gustav Mueller and anyone who is near him at a AAA convention

Father's version

My ol' man's an audiologist,
What do you think about that?
He wears an audiologist's raincoat,
He wears an audiologist's hat.
He wears an audiologist's collar,
He wears an audiologist's shoes,
And every Saturday evening,
He reads the audiologist's news.
And some day, if I can,
I'm going to be an audiologist,
Just (I say just) like my ol' man.

Mothers's version

My ol' mom's an audiologist,
What do you think about that?
She wears an audiologist's raincoat,
She wears an audiologist's hat.
She wears an audiologist's collar,
She wears an audiologist's shoes
And every Saturday evening,
She reads the audiologist's news.
And some day, if I don't bomb,
I'm going to be an audiologist,
Just (I say just) like my ol' mom.

Song History / Background:
Note: We realize that many of you owe your audiology career to your mom rather than to your dad. So we have adapted the original lyrics (Father's version) to allow you to properly express your gratitude.

The audiology version of this familiar song song was composed back in 1970 by Fred Bess, while he was an audiology professor at Central Michigan. It was used as a "pep song" by his band of students, fondly referred to as the "Sweat Hogs" (you'd have to know them to understand). Since the first AAA meeting at Kiawah island, it has been a tradition that audiology graduate students sing this song at AAA conventions (the ability to sing on key is not a requirement).

The image shown above features Fred Bess (right) quite amused at BoGus's feeble attempt at adapting the lyrics of "My 'Ol Man's An Audiologist" to the tune of "My Humps"

The image below shows Dr. Fred Bess searching for inspiration to finally write a second verse to My Ol' Parent's an Audiologist.

Audiologist Dr Fred Bess looking for inspiration

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