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Marshall “Double Lipping” Chasin
Clarinetist in C major or A minor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Paul "DJ Dibby" Dybala
Vocally talented, North Pole Radio DJ
Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

David "D Fab" Fabry
Excellent temporal resolution, lousy frequency resolution
Rochester, MN

John "La Tromba Della Bomba" Ferraro
Horn player, late night crooner
Kansas City, Kansas

Brian "Mousse In My Hair" Fligor
Hack rock guitarist from the late 80s
Boston, Mass

Iowa Girls - Almost Famous Audiologists
The ear of the tiger!
Iowa City, Iowa

David "dB" Hawkins
Gets yakety with the sax and the "links"
Jacksonville, Florida

Paul “3-Minutes-Of-Fame” Kileny
From garage band to sitting in with Jan and Dean
Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Ears of Steel" KEMAR Manikin
Prolific audiology recording artist
Holte, Denmark

Patricia "P. Cake" McCarthy
The Chicago McDrummer that’s not chicken!
Chicago, IL

"He plays for beer" Gustav Mueller
Late-night pianist (right hand only)
Bismarck, North Dakota

Jerry "Flaming Lips" Northern
Whistles own calibration tones
Colorado, USA

Kenneth "Bleeding Ears" Sutton
Protecting your hearing from music induced hearing loss.
New York, NY

Andrew "Bang on the Drum all Day" Vermiglio
Drum instructor
Los Angeles, California

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