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The Mueller Family Piano - 100 Years old and still kicking! "He plays for beer" Gustav Mueller
Late-night pianist (right hand only)
Bismarck, North Dakota

Featured Musical Sample:
Listen to Gus Mueller's right handed piano playing - mp3 - opens new window

Musical Bio:
It's all about the piano: In 1928 Herman Mueller II gave his wife Bernice an old upright piano as a 2nd wedding anniversary present. Bernice taught herself to play, and performed each summer at barn dances, where the piano was hoisted by ropes into the hayloft. In the 1950s, their son little Herman III (Gus) took lessons on the same piano. He performed for relatives every Christmas eve; but not well. In 1990 he rescued the piano from the long-abandoned farm house and had it rebuilt. Since then it has lived in six different homes, and traveled across the U.S. three times. Today, nearing its 100th birthday, the piano resides happily in Bismarck, just down the road from the haylofts of the past.

Disclaimer: Gus does not perform for just anyone at anytime. There would need to be some audiology beer related activities going on. More specifically, people interested in audiology who are drinking beer and not the other way around! Research by audiologists have found that the more beer consumed, the better Gus Mueller's piano playing sounds!

mueller genuineJust FYI, in case you hear Gus playing his late-night "right-hand-only" pieces at a state or regional audiology meeting, and you want to buy him a beverage to show your appreciation (or to encourage him to stop), his favorite beer is pretty obvious. (see logo left)

mueller for a dayIf you want to join him with an audiology beer, Gus has one that he highly recommends! (see logo left)
Gus Mueller having an audiology beerGus Mueller pulling bitburger beer truck

As you have noticed, this page is all about Gus Mueller and audiology beer. Well, we had to include a couple of actual pictures of (left) Gus drinking just a little beer and (right) Gus returning home after shopping for groceries!

Audiology Bio:
Dr. H. Gustav Mueller has a consulting pratice in Apple Creek North Dakota, nestled between the tundra and reality. He holds positions as Professor of Audiology, Vanderbilt University, Consultant for Siemens Hearing Instruments, and Contributing Editor for The Hearing Journal.

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