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Andy and his sticks Andrew "Bang on the Drum all Day" Vermiglio
Drum instructor
Los Angeles, California

Featured Musical Sample:
Listen to Andy playing drums with Marcus Three - mp3 - opens new window

Musical Bio:
Andy is professional drummer in the Los Angeles, California area who devotes his musical time between performance and teaching. He has several years of experience performing in a wide variety of styles including but not limited to rock, funk, fusion, pop, jazz, big band swing, Klezmer, Armenian, Greek, Middle Eastern, folk, punk, metal, contemporary Christian music and post fusion smooth jazz.

He is a former U.S. Navy musician and drum instructor for the U.S. Armed Forces School of Music, where he performed and recorded music with an impressive list of talented artists.

You can visit his website at http://andythedrummer.com/

Audiology Bio:
Dr. Vermiglio is an assistant professor of audiology at Cal. State University, Northridge. Prior to this he was a senior research associate at the House Ear Institute in the Department of Human Communication Sciences and Devices, where he was involved in the development of the Windows-based Hearing in Noise Test (HINT), the development of the Source Azimuth Identification in Noise Test (SAINT), and FDA trials of the Bone Anchored Hearing Appliance device for single-sided deafness. Additionally, he was involved in the study for the development of hearing guidelines for the California Commission for Peace Officers Standards and Training.

Prior to joining the Department of Human Communication Sciences and Devices at House, Dr. Vermiglio worked as a clinical audiologist at the House Ear Clinic and the VA in Long Beach, and also as a research associate in the Department of Auditory Electrophysiology at House. He earned his BA & MA at Cal State - Long Beach and his doctorate from Central Michigan University.

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