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Audiologist Patricia McCarthy plays the bucket drum Patricia "P. Cake" McCarthy
The Chicago McDrummer that’s not chicken!
Chicago, IL

Featured Musical Sample:
Listen to a sample of P Cake tearing up the bucket drum on Chicago Avenue - mp3 - opens new window

Musical Bio:
Unlike many audiologists featured here at earTunes, P. Cake’s venture into music did not start in childhood. Rather, it began in earnest in her 20’s, while a Ph.D. student at the University of Denver. It was there, while reading a JASA article on the importance of hearing aid bandwidth, written by the great Margaret Skinner, that she was reminded of one her favorite songs from the 1960s: The Mule Skinner Blues. And of course, she immediately remembered the most noted line of the song: “Bring that buck, buck, bucket here!”

While she didn’t blame it entirely on Margo Skinner’s name, the words of that song haunted her daily. Coupled with having to spend time with Jerry Northern, Jerry Alpiner, and Gus Mueller (and the Denver night life, which induced a rhythmic pounding sensation), the total experience led her to an almost unknown, and clearly unleashed musical talent: bucket drumming.

“P. Cake” left Colorado and spent several years on Stone Mountain outside of Atlanta. For the most part, her bucket drumming in that area was ignored, unappreciated, and sometimes got in the way of NASCAR drivers. But then, after a move to Chicago, where her garage-band husband and relatives became known for their late night speech pathology and audiologic sing-a-longs (and police raids), the bucket came back! With a vengeance.

And so today, although bucket drumming rules on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, Dr. McCarthy is known from bakery to bistro to bar on Chicago Avenue, which she “ownes.”

Audiology Bio:
Dr. Patricia McCarthy is Professor of Audiology at Rush University in Chicago. She recently was named “Outstanding Educator” by the American Academy of Audiology.

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