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Paul Kileny audiologist playing with Jan and Dean in 2002 Paul “3-Minutes-Of-Fame” Kileny
From garage band to sitting in with Jan and Dean
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Featured Musical Sample:
Listen to Walk Don't Run - mp3 - opens new window

Musical Bio:
Paul has played the guitar most of his life, and has a true “garage band” with family members. His most notable performance, however, was sitting in with the surf-rockers of the 60’s, Jan and Dean (jananddean.com), during their performance at a recent audiology meeting in 2002.

The featured MP3 includes Paul playing on all tracks using the software Garage Band to mix all the parts together.

Paul is on tour at this writing, and will provide more detailed information about his surfing and strumming later.

Audiology Bio:
Dr. Paul Kileny is the Director of Audiology, Univ. of Michigan Department of Otolaryngology- Audiology, Ann Arbor. He is one of the original “merry band of bumpologists,” and is an international expert in the area of electrophysiology measures and cochlear implants.

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