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inFamous Audiologist Kenneth C Sutton Kenneth "Bleeding Ears" Sutton
Protecting your hearing from music induced hearing loss.
New York, NY

Musical Bio:
Kenneth Sutton has focused his research in the area of music-induced hearing loss. This has gained considerable interest in the mainstream media with the popularity of the Apple iPod and other portable music players. Dr. Sutton's research was recently featured on the David Letterman show.

Dr. Sutton's advice in using portable stereo systems is to do the following:

1) Listen to music at 60% of the maximum volume
2) Limit use to 30 minutes per day
3) Consult a doctor if you experience any ringing in your ears

View the clip (opens a new window) from Dr. Sutton's appearance on the David Letterman show. You will need the free Apple Quicktime Player to view.

earGuys note: The advice given by Dr. Sutton was originally suggested by and was based on research performed by another earTunes inFamous Audiologist Dr. Brian "Mousse in my Hair" Fligor

Audiology Bio:
"Renowned Audiologist", Kenneth C. Sutton, Ph.D., is a Professor of Audiology at Columbia University, New York, NY.

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