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And A Bang On The Ear
By: Waterboys

Beans In My Ears
By: Serendipity Singers

Beep Beep
By: The Playmates

Bigmouth Strikes Again
By: The Smiths

Cricket In Your Ear (Put A)
By: Jimmie Dawson

Deaf Girlfriend
By: Scotch Greens

By: The Goo Goo Dolls

By: 98 degrees

By: Tommy Roe

Dizzy Miss Lizzy
By: The Beatles

Do Your Ears Hang Low?
By: The Countdown Kids

Enjoy the Silence
By: Depeche Mode

Hear Me
By: Kelly Clarkson

Hear That Sound

Hearing Aid
By: They Might Be Giants

Hearing Aid
By: Bracket

Hearing Impaired
By: JaeL

In My Ear
By: Toad The Wet Sprocket

Inaudible Melodies
By: Jack Johnson

Kiss Your Ear (Six)
By: Inchtabokatables

Me and Theresa Underneath The Mistletoe
By: Duncan Wells

More Than Meets the Ear
By: Spin Doctors

Papa Can You Hear Me?
By: Barbara Streisand

Raise your hand
By: Janis Joplin

By: The Jesus and Mary Chain

Reverberation (Doubt)
By: 13th Floor Elevators

Ringing in My Ear
By: Adem

She's Hearing Voices
By: Bloc Party

Snowflakes in my Ear
By: Mary Miché

Sod the neighbors
By: Shampoo

Sounds of Silence
By: Simon & Garfunkel

Speed of Sound
By: Coldplay

By: Matmos

Staring At the Sun
By: U2

Static Feedback And Noise
By: The Casualties

The Hearing Song
By: Home Grown

Thirsty Ears
By: Powder Blues

Till I Hear It From You
By: Gin Blossoms

By: Momus

Turn It To The Left
By: Ben Jackson

Turn Your Hearing Aid Down
By: Alan Redstone

By: U2

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
By: R.E.M

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