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Serendipity Singers Many Sides

Song Title:
Beans In My Ears

Band / Artist's Name:
Serendipity Singers

Album Name:
Many Sides of the Serendipity Singers
Year Released: 1964

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Song Lyrics

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earTunes Notes:
From Oldies.com: "This nine-piece group was formed at the University of Colorado, USA, in the wake of the success of the New Christy Minstrels. The line-up was based around Mike Brovsky (vocals), Brooks Hatch (vocals), and Bryan Sennett (vocals). To these were added Jon Arbenz (guitar), John Madden (guitar), Bob Young (bass), Diane Decker (vocals), Tommy Tieman (vocals) and Lynne Weintraub (vocals). Their material, though not strictly folk, encompassed a range of songs from traditional through to pop music. From performing on college campuses, they moved outside of the confines of university and sang at the Bitter End in New York. As a result, the group were offered a recording contract with Philips and a spot on the influential Hottenanny television show. The Serendipity Singers contained the group's one big hit, "Don't Let The Rain Come Down (Crooked Little Man)", which reached the US Top 10 in 1964. The album scaled the US Top 20 the same year. A follow-up, "Beans In My Ears", made the US Top 30,but despite regularly touring at home, mainly on the college circuit, and touring abroad, the group never repeated their earlier success."

Item Submitted By:
Barbara Ortiz

Item Updated Info:
Album art updated by P. Dibby

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