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The Countdown Kids Cedarmont Kids

Song Title:
Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Do They Wobble to and Fro?

Can You Tie Them in a Knot?
Can You Tie Them in a Bow?
Can You Throw Them Over Your Shoulder Like a Continental Soldier?

Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Do Your Ears Hang High?

Do They Reach Up to the Sky?
Do The Droop When They're Wet?
Do They Stiffen When They're Dry?
Can You Semaphore Your Neighbor with a Mimimum of Labor?

Do Your Ears Hang High?
Do Your Ears Hang Wide?

Do They Flap From Side to Side?
Do They Wave in the Breeze?
From the Slightest Little Sneeze?
Can You Soar Above the Nation with a Feeling of Elation?

Do Your Ears Hang Wide?
Do Your Ears Fall Off?

When You Give a Great Big Cough?
Do They Lie There on the Ground?
Or Bounce Up at Every Sound?
Can You Stick Them in Your Pocket Just Like Little Davy Crockett?

Do Your Ears Fall Off?

Band / Artist's Name:
The Countdown Kids

Album Name:
Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Year Released: 2002
Madacy Kids

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CD Universe - Do Your Ears Hang Low
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earTunes Notes:
See the earGuys page for more information on this song. While this song was performed by The Countdown Kids, the original songwriter is unknown. This song can be found on several different Kid/Silly Song albums by various artists.

Item Submitted By:
P. Dibby the earGuy

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