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Song Title:
Hearing Impaired

Verse 1
Take a look around tell me what you see
Tell me are there fruits from the seeds that you planted in me
Said I couldn't run, I couldn't fly
You said I couldn't be no picture in no magazine
I chose not to hear I chose not to listen
While you were cristisizing I was up here singing
Don't care if my words are sounding explicit
Cause now comes your time to sit down and just listen

They've fallen to the ground
And they want to bring, bring you down
Don't let your life slip by
Unfold your wings, your wings and fly

Let faith hold you up
I take my life and give it up
Choose not to hear
You take it back, and lift it up
Let faith hold you up
My purpose here sent from above
Express no fear
But I give it up for eternal love

Verse 2
Drops of glass gettin caught in your eye
Fallin from this smashing prison that you built up to the sky
When you tell me just who I could be
But you didn't leave that choice up to me
You tellin me ta leave my dreams behind sublime at the time
In your mind you said you had my best intensions inside
When you tell me that I couldn't be me
Well you forgot to tell me that I couldn't be free

You were created, by no mistake
Born into destiny concieved by fate
You evolved, from the Father's hand
Come on jump up and be the hearing impaired

Band / Artist's Name:
Web Site: http://www.thebandjl.com/index1.html
Year Released: 2003
JaeL Music

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Item Submitted By:
Justin Langran
AuD Student - UT Dallas

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Lyrics, website and art added by P. Dibby

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