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Momus Stars Forever

Song Title:

When Disney came to Scotland
Shooting 'Pixel Claymores'
I wanted the role of the rotten
Villain Rob McMurdo

But Tinnitus auditioned first
Some weird DJ from Boston
He's from WZBC
And he doesn't look much like a Scotsman

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker
The weaver, the cheever, the bastard
Damn it and blast 'em, they said they had cast them
And swept me under the carpet

Tinnitus replied in a synthesised voice
When I dared him to fight me at Tekken
The clash of our claymores rang through the glens
And on 90.3 FM

And was it for real or was it a dream
When I buried my steel in his belly?
Tinnitus fell, the director yelled
'Cut!' then they put it on telly

The Campbells are coming, I'm long in the tooth
Was it because my hair is all gone?
I sit on the set in a sporran and kilt
My name is Winterblossom

Gall and wormwood under my tongue
Bonnie Prince Charlie's an arsehole
My friends are dead, it's cold and wet
My name is Rob McMurdo

I'll no be taken for granted
And I'll no be turned away
I'll be back!

Band / Artist's Name:
Web Site: http://www.imomus.com/

Album Name:
Stars Forever
Year Released: 1999
Self Produced

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Song Titles

earTunes Notes:
From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stars_Forever
"The album Stars Forever (Le Grand Magistery 61665-60010-2) (1999) was created by Momus partly as a way of raising money from his legal costs, the most recent lawsuit filed by Wendy Carlos but dismissed, and partly to further his exploration of postmodern music making, identity, and aesthetics. Momus wrote thirty songs about every person or group who commissioned a song at the price of $1,000. "Patrons" include artist Jeff Koons and two year old animator/superhero Noah Brill. Stars Forever also features the winners of a karaoke contest started on the album The Little Red Songbook (1998) which featured the song "Walter Carlos", which postulated that Wendy could travel back in time to marry Walter, and led to Carlos' lawsuit."

So who was Tinnitus written for? From www.imomus.com: "Paul Cheevers, aka Tinnitus, is an electronic musician and DJ from the Boston, Mass area. He makes ambient / illbient music, is a huge Eno fan, thinks of himself as a bit of a cyborg, and often tries to extract the maximum of emotion from synthesised voices. You can actually hear his shows as well as read more about him and his record label at this website: earhead.com."

Item Submitted By:
Justin Langran
AuD Student - UT Dallas

Item Updated Info:
ALbum art, lyrics, website and notes added by P. Dibby

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