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Bloc Party

Song Title:
She's Hearing Voices

She's hearing voices call her
She's hearing voices warn her

She just can't sleep in her bed
She just can't sleep
She's falling down the stairs
She's tearing out her hair
She's screaming my name, in the night
To keep her warm

She got a red pill blue pill
Red pill blue pill
Red pill blue pill
Red pill blue pill
Milk of amnesia

She's scared of the blacks
And she's scared of the Jews
She is walking around
She is yesterday's news
And she screams out my name
In the dead of the night
She is leaving my room
She is crying on her side
Walking on eggshells
Walking on glass
Burnt by the mirror
Burnt by the light
Feeling rejection I'll burn down your house
Tearing down posters
I was never alive

Band / Artist's Name:
Bloc Party
Web Site: http://www.blocparty.com/

Album Name:
Bloc Party
Year Released: 2004
Dim Mak Records

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earTunes Notes:
From Amazon.com Product Reviews: "Bloc Party is an autonomous unit of kids reared on pop culture between the years 1976 and the present, and their subsequent sound is an imitation of what inspired them. Suffice to say there'd be no Bloc Party without the efforts of guitar bands formed in the UK and US in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as visionary writers and artists whose work informed the world and culture as it currently stands. For fans of A Certain Ratio, The Cure, Gang Of Four. "

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P. Dibby the earGuy

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