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Mary Miche Holly Daze

Song Title:
Snowflakes in my Ear

I was sittin' in the house, On a cold and wintry day
I was bored as could be, 'Cause my friends were all away
There was nothin good on TV, All the channels I had tried
I said "Hey Mom, there's nothin' to do", So she threw me outside

Now I've got snowflakes in my eyes, And snowflakes in my nose
Snowflakes on my knees, And snowflakes on my toes
Snowflakes in my mouth, And snowflakes on my chin

Well I put on tons of clothes, Then I headed for the shed
I thought I'd have a good old time, Ridin' on my sled
But a runner was bent, And a nail gouged a knee
I started going crooked, And slid into a tree


Well I figured that sledding, Was not the sport for me
I got my skates and went down, To the pond 'cause there it's free
It was fun for a while, But I missed my old friend Hank
So I pretended we were racing, And crashed into the bank


I thought I'd give the great outdoors, One more try
I figured it's be pretty safe, To throw a snowball in the sky
But the wind started blowing, And my snowball hit a tree
Which landed on a police car, Who then came after me


I came inside discouraged, Winter sports are not for me
I was frozen like a popsicle, My mom made me hot tea
She said "Some days are like this, Tomorrow'll be better dear"
But I couldn't ever hear her, I had snowflakes in my ear.


Band / Artist's Name:
Mary Miché
Web Site: http://www.marymiche.com/

Album Name:
Holly Daze
Year Released: 1998
Self Produced

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P. Dibby the earGuy

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