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Song Title:
And A Bang On The Ear

Lindsay was my first love she was in my class
I would have loved to take her out but I was too shy to ask
The fullness of my feeling was never made clear
But I send her my love with a bang on the ear

Nora was my girl when I first was in a group
I can still see her to this day, stirring chicken soup
Now she’s living in australia working for an auctioneer
But I send her my love with a bang on the ear

Deborah broke my heart and I the willing fool
I fell for her one summer on the road to liverpool
I thought it was forever but it was over in a year (oh dear)
But I give her my love with a bang on the ear

The home I made with bella became a house of pain
We weathered it together bound by a ball and chain
Is started up in fife, and ended up in tears (oh dear)
But I send her my love with a bang on the ear

Krista was a rover from canada she hailed
We crossed swords in san francisco we both lived to tell the tale
I don’t know now where she is oh but if I had her here
I’d give her my love with a bang on the ear

So my woman of the hearthfire, harbour of my soul
I watch you lightly sleeping and sense the dream that does unfold (like gold)
You to me are treasure, you to me are dear
So I’ll give you my love with a bang on the ear

Band / Artist's Name:
Web Site: http://www.waterboys.co.uk/

Album Name:
Fisherman's Blues
Year Released: 1990

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This song was also released as a single in the US and the UK.

UK Single

US Single

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