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Powder Blues Thirsty Ears

Album Name:
Thirsty Ears

Band / Artist's Name:
Powder Blues
Web Site: http://www.powderblues.net/
Year Released: 1981
Capitol / Liberty

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The Powder Blues Web Site

earTunes Notes:
The song "Thirsty Ears" was first released by Powder Blues on the album of the same name in 1981. The song was later featured on other Powder Blues albums including, First Decade / Greatest Hits (1990) and Powder Blues (1983)

Item Submitted By:
BoGus & P. Dibby the earGuys

Item Updated Info:
BoGus found the lyrics and title, P. Dibby found the album, album art, weblinks and discography.

earTunes Collection ID: 160 // Date Created: 2006-06-22 // Last Updated: 2006-06-22

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