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David Alstead Piano For Both Ears

Album Name:
Piano for Both Ears

Band / Artist's Name:
David Alstead
Web Site: http://www.davidalstead.com/
Year Released: 2004
Narrow People Music

Purchase At:
CD Baby

earTunes Notes:
PR Newswire: David Alstead, a nationally recognized composer and pianist, has recently been interviewed by Dr. Paul Dybala, director of Healthy Hearing, the Homepage of Hearing Healthcare. David’s interview appears alongside other notables such as Marion Ross, Norman Schwarzkopf, Arnold Palmer and Marlee Matlin. David’s experience with Meniere’s Disease and its effect on his music has served as an inspiration to countless others who also suffer from this debilitating syndrome.

The full interview is at

David’s original solo piano music is based on the Romantic and Impressionist classical forms, with other styles of music such as jazz and pop woven in. He has release two CDs, “Piano For Both Ears” and “Pieces Of Piano” both of which are available through his website www.davidalstead.com . Also found there is more information about David’s music and a link to the full interview at Healthy Hearing.

earGuys Status:
P. Dibby has this album on his mp3 player.

Item Submitted By:
P. Dibby the earGuy

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